With the right help, anything is possible!

SOAR is proud of the hard work our staff and volunteers put into helping other people, whether it’s finding employment, getting the benefits you’re entitled to, getting fit or getting out and about!

We’ve had some fantastic results recently, and the people involved have agreed to let us share their stories to show others just what is possible with the right help.


Case: Our Advocacy Team helped a family get the benefits they’re entitled to.

Outcome: More than £30,000 of backdated arrears received, and weekly benefits income increased by £118.

Details: Client A was in receipt of both components of DLA, and also ESA which was only being paid at the standard ‘assessment’ rate – no additional components or premiums were in payment despite the clients’ claim having been in place for many years.

After a home visit, SOAR identified two issues.

1 – The client seemed to be entitled to an additional Support Group component of £37.65 per week within his ESA award, as well as an Enhanced Disability Premium of £16.40 per week… neither were being paid at the time of our intervention.

Following substantial investigation it was discovered that the clients’ entitlement for ESA came about following a successful appeal hearing in 2012, and that the DWP had not correctly implemented the relevant Tribunal decision.

After a short period of intense contact with the DWP it was accepted that a grievous error had been made by them, and the clients’ ongoing ESA award was amended accordingly. The client has also received almost £16,000 in respect of arrears.

2 – The client was also entitled to another additional amount – Severe Disability Premium. This was not currently being paid as his father was claiming Carer’s Allowance for caring for the client. This was despite the fact that he had Alzheimer’s, and that he had been confined to a care home since 2014.

Contact was made with Sheffield City Council who had recently applied for a Guardianship Order in respect of the clients’ father. With their help, the claim for Carers Allowance was finally ended… this then allowed our client to make a successful claim for the Severe Disability Premium.

His ESA increased by £64.30 per week, and he received arrears of around £15,000 which he is intending to use on home décor, furnishings, and appliances that had so far been unaffordable for him.