What Would You like to Say About Burngreave Volunteer Run Library?

Burngreave Library, alongside many other libraries across Sheffield, stays alive because of its passionate and reliable volunteers. To celebrate National Writing Day (June 26th), volunteers and library members put pen to paper to share what they wanted to say about Burngreave’s Volunteer Run Library.

“Burngreave Library is a brilliant community resource. The Volunteers are friendly and very very helpful.”

“It’s a very good Hub for our community where people are valued.”

“I come to the library with my children and think it’s very good. I like the activities.”

The rise of volunteer-run libraries is closely linked to the decline in funding for traditionally paid-staff. Burngreave Library has been a volunteer-run library for 4 years and as well as lending books, it continues to be a hub of activities, learning and support for the community.

The Library has recently had a special visit from a “secret shopper”, Steve Webster from The Star newspaper. He mentions that “the (library) volunteer spirit is one of the things that makes Sheffield such a great place to live and this something that should be celebrated and encouraged…”  Steve Webster. (2019) ‘Secret test at libraries’, The Star, 26th June 2019.

A BIG thank you to all the volunteers who bring their passion for books and children’s reading and for keeping the library clean, tidy, open and always with a friendly welcome.