Welcome to SOAR’s 2017/18 social accounts

We would like to begin by expressing our thanks and appreciation for all of our hardworking, enthusiastic, and committed staff members and volunteers.

From a financial perspective it has been a solid year, generating a surplus. At the time of going to print SOAR Works enterprise centre is 100% full. Who said that you could not make an enterprise centre work in the heart of Parson Cross?

We have been continuing our good work in developing effective community partnerships in north Sheffield, sub-contracting £68,711 to local providers. The SCC and other commissioners have been indicating that they intend to commission contracts that last beyond a year, which shows promise for future contracts.

Universal Credit looms large and the Sheffield roll out starts in the autumn of 2018. We are proactively supporting clients by training staff members and by developing joint ways of working with organisations such as Citizens Advice Sheffield.

SOAR continues to be committed to planning for the future.

We have been working hard with staff to develop ways of working documents for our service teams, including a Staff/ Client Boundaries document. This was created through two facilitated discussions, drawing on the lived and worked experiences of staff.

Significant progress has been made towards creating a collaborative approach between the Board and staff.

The results of this year’s staff questionnaire were the most positive ever, demonstrating that our staff are geared up and peachy keen to take on the challenges that will face us and our clients over the coming year.

The 2017-18 Social Accounts can be downloaded here

Paul Howard, SOAR Board Chair

Ian Drayton, Partnership Manager