Welcome to SOAR

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts.

Patrick Moran – Project Worker for Myself MyCommunity

Patrick remains in the organisation in a new role as a Project Worker, jointly employed by SOAR and Firvale Community Hub. He will organise a social cafe at Firvale Community Hub for people with serious mental illness who are patients at the Foundry Group of GPs.

“I am excited about working with people who have long term mental illness, but are not in crisis at present and want to work to begin a recovery journey with my support and the support of Volunteer Serious Mental Illness Recovery coaches. I am looking forward to offering a relaxing and fun space for clients to learn and practice self-care techniques and pass time enjoyably together with other members of their community. There will be cake!

Out of work I enjoy walking in the countryside or just around Sheffield’s parks and outdoor spaces. I have a daily meditation practice a which is the one of the only healthy habits I have that has passed the test of time. I am generally open to new things and enjoy meeting people and sharing information and learning.

Susan Vinall – Community Development Worker

Susan joins the organisation as a Community Development Worker in Page Hall. The role will include working with local people to help everyone engage positively with each other.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know people and help to change the wider perception of the area.

I love spending time with family and friends, reading, baking and rollercoasters (but not all at the same time!).”