Streets of Light Trail

Streets of Light is back for another year!

What’s it all about?
For many people, the week of Halloween is not a good time. Some people in our neighbourhood are frightened to open their doors or worry about tricks being played on their house. Things which we know are bad are made to seem good.

The Streets of Light Trail is about turning streets which at Halloween can feel full of darkness and fear into streets of light, love and hope, and we need your help!

To get involved all you need to do is decorate one (or more!) windows of your house/ flat/ business/ workplace for the whole week, and leave the lights on and curtains open in the evening so people can see your fantastic displays. Your design can be anything you like, but please include either the word ‘light’ or ‘love’ somewhere.

We will be making maps showing the houses of light (without giving out any specific addresses!) so families and friends can go out spotting houses of light! If you would like a map to do the trail yourself, you’ll be able to pick these up from Owler Brook School from 23rd-25th October, or look out for details of our bonfire party at the end of the week, when we’ll all be going out together!

To be part of it please contact the team by Sunday 20th October or email Becky at