SOAR’s Advocacy Aunt Column:

Dear Health Trainer,

I am feeling really fed up with myself, I have no motivation and sit in front of the TV watching the same programme every day.  I feel depressed and can’t be bothered to make an effort with anything at the moment. I am putting on weight, I don’t have a job, so don’t have much money.

Please could you help me?

Thank you

Dear SOAR client,

Thank you for getting in touch with us, this is certainly something we can support you with.  You have taken the first step by making contact with us and asking for help.

You will need to complete a referral form, this can be done by someone in your GP surgery, just ask a member of staff to complete the SOAR referral form, and we can look at finding a Health Trainer to support you in making positive changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

There are various activities and groups you can attend such as Listless to Fitness, run by SOAR Volunteers at Concord Sports centre, where you can attend taster sessions to try out activities such as yoga, swimming, circuit training, badminton etc.

You might want to sign up to the SOAR Cooking Club and attend six-week sessions on Cooking for Health?  Or perhaps work one-to-one with a Health Trainer, looking at your diet, identifying small changes that can be made, making food swaps and looking at portion size?

Support will be planned around your own specific health needs, to fit in with your time and budget. The Health Trainer will work with you to identify any barriers, putting in place steps to work towards which will result in you taking back control of your life and finding motivation to reach your goal.