SOAR Works Tenant Profile: Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd

SOAR Works is home to a fabulous group of tenants, a mixture of groups with all sorts of skills. Find out more about them in our regular series of Tenant Profile articles. This month, it’s Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd.

Water is something many of us take for granted, but it takes a lot of work to get it clean and safe enough for us to use. Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd provide water treatment services and products to make water safe for its intended end-use, whether that’s industrial or domestic use.

They ensure that the water you see evaporating out of cooling towers is safe, and that the water you use for showering and in swimming pools is free from harmful levels of bacteria. The Legionella bacteria can lead to Legionnaire’s Disease, so it’s important that it is monitored and made safe.

Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd also offer health and safety training to a range of organisations, offer remedial works if water isn’t safe, and many other services.

The Managing Director is Lee Roome, while working alongside him is Operations Manager Dean Goodwin, Compliance Manager Chris Rivers and Office Manager Sharon Smith. They also have a team of service engineers who work remotely.

For more information about the work that Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd carry out, visit their website at