SOAR volunteers honoured at Shiregreen Awards

SOAR volunteers Margaret Gardiner and Margaret Heathcote received an award for their work in improving people’s health at the Shiregreen Awards Ceremony recently.

The pair – who both turned to volunteering with SOAR after receiving help from the charity – attended the event at the Leopold Hotel along with one of the clients from Shiregreen Social Café, Des, and their guests.

More than 40 people attended the prestigious awards ceremony, to honour the great work done by so many to make the area a better place.

“Me and Margaret have been volunteering for about five years now,” said Margaret Heathcote. “SOAR helped both Margaret and I a while ago, and we both decided separately that we wanted to put something back as a thank you. We’ve never looked back!

“We both take people to the gym at concord to help them get active and fit, and we join in with a lot of events around Shiregreen, encouraging people to come along and get involved.

“We help at the Shiregreen Social Café at the neighbourhood centre, doing the cooking and reiki and hand massage. It’s something I really enjoy doing!”