Sally’s Story

Last June was the first time I’d heard the phrase Move More June, and there was a notice board in the Atrium at work, asking everyone to set themselves a challenge to do something different to Move More. I was active as a kid, playing football, basketball, swimming, tennis but hadn’t done much throughout my thirties. A few friends and colleagues had been boasting about how they had managed to run 5k, following the Couch to 5K programme. So I wrote, Coach to 5k on the post it note and that was it, I had committed.

A few ladies from work also signed up for the challenge and we trained and supported each other 2-3 times a week to follow the programme. Starting with struggling to run 60 seconds without stopping. I started to regret the challenge ahead, but thanks to the other ladies, I was encouraged to carry on. We often ran from SOAR Works, along the tongue and gutter, which is a lovely path through the woods or meeting at Concorde Park, which is where our goal of a Saturday 5k Park Run would hope to be achieved.

I think it took four weeks longer than originally intended due to holidays, childcare, work, weather but we persevered and committed to a date to run in September. I got up early, put on my training gear, my trainers, my barcode bracelet and got to the park for 8:30 Saturday morning to do my stretches and prepare for the challenge of running 5k, now in my forties. There was quite a crowd and some serious athletes that took off charging when the horn blew. I was not looking forward to this moment, but I ran the entire way and in really good time 30 minutes, and was in the top five for my age category. I’d done it, no one more surprised than myself.

Couch to 5k is a great way to get from doing no physical exercise to running 5k, if I can do it, so can you. Why not give it a go!?!?!

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