Rose’s Story

4 years ago, I got in touch with the Chair of the South Yorkshire Mixed Rounder League after moving to Sheffield from Nottingham & wanting to make more friends. As soon as I got out onto that pitch I felt like I’d found my game and my second family!

Growing up I’d always been a fan of sports having been a keen swimmer, gymnast & trampoliner. Although after a back injury my activity levels started to go down & I wasn’t having as much fun as before. I’d still tell people I was sporty, but in actual fact I think I liked the idea of being sporty more than actually being sporty.

I moved to Sheffield 4 years ago & needed to start making friends. I’d always done individual sports, never teams sports, and football was definitely out of the question after being knocked out by the ball whilst being goalie during a school PE lesson. I started to look around at what was going on in Sheffield & came across Rounders. I use to love Rounders at school!

Within the first 5 minutes I was hooked! It turned out I wasn’t the only newbie & I got put in a team called the ‘All Rounders’. Everyone was so welcoming, even those teams that meant business! Fast forward 4 years (3 summer season & 3 indoor winter seasons under my belt), I’m now the Captain of the ‘All Rounders’! We play every Thursday followed by a drink & a catch up in the bar afterwards. We’re by far the loudest team on the pitch, cheering one another on & having a laugh. When I play rounders, I know I’m exercising because of how red my face goes! Thursday is game day & quickly became my favourite day of the week. I’ve now not only found my game that keeps me fit, I’ve found my second family.

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