Penny’s Story

I was very active until the age of 25, this then decreased to zero with work and family commitments. As I had 3 young children I felt they kept me on my toes and active. I began becoming more active last year turning 50 and after my 3 grandchildren where born, because I wanted to become fit and healthy . I consider myself now to be quite active doing yoga, walking, cycling and gardening. I started getting involved in these activities as I didn’t feel comfortable going to the gym, and I wanted to do something that I would enjoy. I also didn’t want to seek being a perfect size 10/12 I just wanted to feel healthy and comfortable in my own body.  I also wanted to do a form of exercise that was not to intensive but would help reduce my stress and anxiety levels so I always start and finish the day with Yoga exercise. I cycle to work and get involved in the gardening on a weekend. I often take walks when I want to clear my mind and reflect on my day. I find it a lot easier now being active as I don’t have distractions and I’m doing this for me. Being active makes me feel alive and makes me feel good in myself and proud that I achieve something daily.

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