Over the Garden Fence

Every week the SOAR team gets in touch with clients to check in & see if everything is alright during these tricky lockdown times. Helen Warren (Senior Development Worker) had a lovely telephone call this week:

Beryl and Mave have been next-door neighbours for 40 odd years, loved and lost but never fell out. They live alone, separated by only the garden bush…and it’s a tidy bush she says with a mischievous giggle.

“We’re both widowed and have loving families, but we can’t see them like we’re used to. So every day I phone next door and say “I m putting the kettle on, I’ll meet you down path in five, bring your chair its a lovely day.” This is getting to be a regular thing now, we have a chat and reminisce, put the world to rights, talk about the telly and whats happening on Corrie “I’d av packed his bags and kicked him into next week if he was mine.” We talk about what we’re having for tea and how we managed back in the day! We talk about all-sorts and sometimes we just sit and listen to the quiet, the birds, kids in the garden a few doors up. We know we have to do this to stay safe. We have each other, separated only by a wall indoors and a bush out here. I think more people should get to know their neighbours. Its company for us both.”

We think everyone should be a little bit more like Beryl & Mave.