New Scheme aims to make Better Journeys for the elderly

As you get older, getting out and about becomes more challenging, especially when you might not be used to finding your way around the public transport system.

This is where the Better Journeys project comes in handy. It’s a new scheme for people aged over 50 in the Firth Park area, and aims to help reduce social isolation by making it easier to understand and use the public transport network.

The project includes:

  • Personalised travel planning, ranging from giving participants up to date timetables, to assisting them with accessing digital information, to independent travel training (4 sessions of traveling with participants on a specific journey to build their confidence to being able to travel independently).
  • They have created transport information points in community centres across the ward to improve access to timetable information and communicating changes to services (L4G community centre, Stubbin Community Centre, Flower Estate Community Centre, Southey Library, Firth Park Library).
  • Raising awareness of the Journey Assist cards
  • Recruiting volunteers to support their peers and help them build confidence on public transport
  • Running community transport events to bring participants and services together

So if you’re finding it hard to get where you want to be, struggle to find the right bus, or are unsure about making the journey on your own, this scheme is for you!

They have a drop-in session at Flower Estate Community Centre on Foxglove Road on March 14 from 11am-1pm, or you can call 0114 553 9555. You can also email them at or on Facebook @JourneysBetter