Meet the SOAR staff! This month, it’s Katherine Keeler

Name: Katherine Keeler
Role at SOAR: Learning Zone Coordinator
Previous Jobs/Experience:

I have my degree as a teacher, but my CV shows that I am the jack of all trades master of none. I’ve worked on farms, in schools, as a photographer, in offices and cafes. I’ll try anything, me!

Favourite place visited, and why:

Nubra Valley in the Himalayas. Absolutely breathtaking!

Favourite Food and Drink:

Since I am a US citizen it is my civic duty to love macaroni & cheese and pizza.

Least Favourite Food and Drink:

Anything with soggy bread is an absolute no-go

Secret talent:

I am interested in canine behaviour and training, and therefore spend lots of time understanding dog body language and interactions. So basically, I speak dog.

The last film I saw was… (mini review!)

The Big Lebowski. Probably my 1000th time I’ve seen it, but it never gets old!

The best thing about Sheffield is…

The people! As someone who is new to the city and the country and I can say confidently that Sheffield has made me feel very welcomed because of how friendly the people who live here are.

The genie of the lamp says you have three wishes… what are they?

-I wish I could zap myself home whenever I wanted just to give my mum and dad a hug.

-I wish I could speak every language ever known.

-I wish I could fly