Meet the SOAR staff! This month it’s Julie Bramall

Name: Julie Bramall
Role at SOAR: Senior Advocacy Worker
Previous Jobs/Experience: Hairdresser/salon owner for 15 yrs. Youth worker, volunteer at CAB, learning champion, community development role, community link worker for age concern.


Favourite place visited, and why: My nan’s house, because they spoilt me rotten and pandered to my every whim. Also Santa Ponsa in Majorca as we spent many years visiting friends who lived there. (it’s a dump now though!).


Favourite Food and Drink: Anything with seafood in especially crab, lobster and prawns, and gin.


Least Favourite Food and Drink: Peppers and Martini (throws up slightly in mouth at even the thought of the word).


Secret talent (e.g. speaking Eskimo, break dancing, double-jointed!) I can roll my tongue, whilst accurately performing the dance of the seven veils.


The last film I saw was… (mini review!)…… with kids, a husband, job, social life and a low concentration level I rarely watch a film all the way through. But the film that made a lasting impression was The Usual Suspects. ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


The best thing about Sheffield is… It’s the biggest village in England.


The genie of the lamp says you have three wishes… what are they?

Think Miss World speech and there you have it… oh and stop the awful lies from coming from my mouth!