Meet Phil – Burngreave Library Volunteer

Burngreave Library has been a volunteer-run library for 4 years. To mark this milestone we’re celebrating the wonderful work the volunteers have achieved! Find out more about Phil below:

My name is Phil and I have been a Burngreave Library volunteer for just over 1 year. A friend who was already volunteering recommended it to me and so I went to see Marcia (Burngreave Library Co-ordinator) who discussed the role with me, showed me around and introduced me to the team.

I love living in Burngreave and committed to the multicultural aspect of the area and what the library does. Since retiring from being a Social Worker, specialising in special needs and autism, I enjoy fishing with my brother, playing badminton and volunteering! I have met so many people through volunteering at the library and although it can be busy at times I feel enlightened when I can see I’ve made a difference.

My favourite memory of volunteering in the library so far has got to be when I helped a lady with her English. I noticed she was taking children’s books out on an adult membership and when I asked her about opening a child’s membership account she explained they were for her as she was trying to learn English. I learnt bits of her language so I could greet her with a familiar hello. She was pleased to hear this and I continued to spend time helping her find different opportunities to improve her English.

I enjoy the human approach Burngreave Library provides. It’s the little things that make a big difference, like learning how to say hello in someone’s home language. I love spending my time volunteering at the library and would like to take this opportunity to say how great Marcia (MARCIA TITLE) is and how lovely it is to be part of such a fabulous team.

To find out how you can volunteer at Burngreave Library, please contact Marcia Layne 0114 203 9002 ( for more information.