Meet our GP Neighbourhood Coordinator

Hi, I’m Maddy and I support the development of the North2 and SAPA5 Primary Care Networks (PCNs). A PCN is a collective of GP practices working together with their ‘neighbours’ (hospitals, community services, mental health services, health and social care services and local voluntary organisations) to make the best use of their existing resources for the health and wellbeing of their population. This joined-up, person-centred approach benefits patients and health professionals within the PCN by providing better care and services. PCNs are a new concept to change the way of working, and Sheffield has 15 PCNs!

Working with North2 and SAPA5, priorities have been identified and my role helps them achieve these to mature into a fully functioning PCNs. These priorities are different based on the PCNs demographics and the varying health and social challenges.

On a day to day basis, I can be collecting data to help shape the development of new services or influence changes to existing services. I can be producing highlight reports and delivery plans and undertaking any other admin duties or specific tasks to support the Clinical Director (GP lead) in each PCN.

Jointly, we have developed a vision and shared purpose for each PCN, producing aims and objectives which outline what we want to achieve together. Key aspects of the vision include working collaboratively with the wider community, developing an organic and sustainable workforce and committing to patient-centred care, all for a healthier future for their patients.

In my role, I support and co-ordinate various projects within both PCNs. Tasks include overseeing evaluation and the management information system, and co-ordinating all task and finish group with a focus on strategy and design. Other examples of my work include facilitating an admin peer support forum and working towards developing a newsletter with SOARs Business Development Coordinator, to showcase all the good work that is happening!

At the start of 2019, I successfully lead a £150,000 Transformation Fund bid for North2. This will fund the development of a Pain Management Pathway, a new way of working in Care Homes, and a Care Navigation project for the PCN. I am now in the process of writing a bid for SAPA5. This requires networking and consulting with relevant services to inform the development of new projects focused on the frail and elderly, and the mental health of children and young people within SAPA5.

Working closely with SOAR allows the PCNs to make the best use of additional and existing resource to enhance the social prescribing system across North Sheffield. My role has become a core admin function for the PCNs, ensuring co-ordination of GP-led steering groups by setting agendas, taking minutes and completing actions.

My role is really varied, and every day is different. You can normally find me sharing my time between SOAR and GP practices, as getting out and about helps me increase my networking opportunities! I think the most important part of my role is having a close working relationship with the GPs, Practice Managers, the Clinical Commissioning Governance and the local voluntary sector. Ensuring collaboration within each PCN can be very challenging, but this is key to my role and it is rewarding to see the impact and value I now have and the difference we can make together to benefit the community!