Meet Christina – Burngreave Library Volunteer

Burngreave Library has been a volunteer-run library for 4 years. To mark this milestone we’re celebrating the wonderful work the volunteers have achieved! Find out more about Christina below:

My name is Christina and I have volunteered at Burngreave Library since it became a volunteer-led library. As a frequent user, I wanted to make sure that the library remained open, both for myself and the Burngreave community.

For 40 plus years I have worked in the community. When asked to volunteer at the library I took some time to think about it but then said yes. As a people person, I enjoy meeting and greeting both new and existing people to the library.

In my role, I focus on children activities and storytelling. I enjoy working with children and being part of something that’s within the community. Since volunteering at the library, I have found I have the gift of storytelling and have enjoyed developing the skill and sharing it with parents/guardians. I enjoy putting my heart and soul into telling a story, thinking about the characters, the message, actions and other ways to engage listeners.

As well as storytelling, I like to focus on building our collection of black authors. I look to contact authors and invite them to have their books in the collection. I hope this will raise people’s awareness and consciousness in today’s society and encourage people to find out about new historical information. If I were to recommend a book to read, it would be ‘Spiritual Warriors are Healers’ by Mfundishi Jhutyms Hassan Kamau Salim.

To find out how you can volunteer at Burngreave Library, please contact Marcia Layne 0114 203 9002 ( for more information.