Let’s Cook Together by St Saviour’s Church

The project is called “Let’s Cook Together” and we started this back in 2019 with six youngsters, aged between 10 and 16. It’s a short basic cookery course teaching young people their way around a kitchen with a few easy meals to prepare for themselves and families. We interact with the young people to find out which meals they would like to learn. It is run by St Saviour’s Church under the umbrella of its “Community Project“, of which Alan and Maureen Greaves were the prime movers.

In 2019 a grant was awarded to our project application by SOAR under its “Let’s Build Health” programme linked to the “People Keeping Well – in the community” health initiative of Sheffield City Council. Based on that success we applied and got another grant to run the project again in 2020 but only managed 75% of the sessions owing to the pandemic.

We are a group of people that give up our Tuesday teatimes to help youngsters enhance their life skills including how to manage their healthy eating on a budget. We run the project in the Church Hall for 8 sessions after school for both boys and girls. Both project groups (2019 and 2020) involved 6 children; for the second we invited their parents or guardians to come along with them, and they were given refreshments on arrival. The project is focused on families from the S35 postcode area.

Pat does the shopping and along with another lady they start every session with a demonstration of the techniques and equipment handling skills required for cooking. In the last project session the youngsters cooked a 3-course meal for their parents and those who were involved behind the scenes in the project management; we were all ‘gobsmacked’ by the quality of their cooking, and delighted at the obvious pride and enjoyment in their success. On completion the youngsters got a Certificate of Achievement. In addition, two of the boys were invited to put on a cooking demonstration, praised by attenders, at the 2019 Yorkshire Day event in the High Green Miners Welfare Hall.

Let’s Cook Together has been successful in securing a third grant but we cannot start in the current Covid climate until it is safe to do so: it requires close proximity to each other and having access to only one cooker, albeit a six ring large catering oven, which does not allow enough room to practise social distancing. When we start again there will be places available on 1st come 1st served but priority will be given to the children from last year’s group to complete  what they started, hopefully in March or April 2021.

For further information, please contact: Patricia Webster (Leader) 07514751348; or, Martin Brewis (Manager) 07712002822.