It’s a Cyborg Pumpkin Takeover!

What could be better than carving a pumpkin on Halloween? Carving a cyborg pumpkin, that’s what!!

Our friends at Bright Box Makers came along to The Learning Zone on Halloween and helped local children create some of the coolest pumpkins around with the help of some old electrical bits and bobs, and a splash of creative energy.

No computers were harmed in the making of these cyborg pumpkins, but several kettles, toasters and printers were savagely deconstructed in the name of the cyborg takeover!

And when completed, the cyborg squashes spent Halloween night scaring off those boring old ordinary pumpkins with their cyborg ways.

The creative geniuses at Bright Box Makers will be back at The Learning Zone soon.

They are hosting weekly activities each Tuesday from 3.30-4.30pm for children aged over seven, aiming to inspire them to explore science, technology, engineering and maths in a fun and relaxed environment.