Focus on the Positive Image Camera Club

Joining a club or group can have a huge positive impact on your health and wellbeing, not to mention the fun you’ll have meeting new people, learning new skills, keeping active and making a difference in your community. This couldn’t ring truer with the Positive Image Camera Club in North Sheffield! Our Rose (Development Officer) caught up with them last Monday and was spoilt with a slice of cake to celebrate their 3rd birthday.

It’s 7.25pm and I’m just pulling up to the Community Parish Room in High Green. It’s my first time hanging out with the Positive Image Camera Club and I’m a little nervous and not sure what to expect. Having got in touch with them through Facebook they seem like a welcoming bunch and as soon as I walk in I’m immediately welcomed by friendly faces! 

The club was founded in 2016 and have just celebrated its 3rd birthday. They meet every other Monday throughout the year with photographic outings arranged throughout the summer. The club is going from strength to strength and encourages a strong sharing and respect ethos.

Andy Harris (Club Chair) welcomes everyone and goes through the newly planned timetable of activities. Its jam-packed with exciting topics and activities, including the all-important Christmas do. Once everyone is caught up to date, members present their photos based on topics set by the club beforehand. Just some of this week’s topics include Humber Bridge, Shadows and Lady Bower. Topics are up for interpretation and it’s amazing to see the variety of styles and angles. It’s great to hear members explain their photos and complement one another’s whilst providing support and knowledge. 

Halfway through and it’s tea break time. The club has brought the best-looking chocolate cake to celebrate its 3rd birthday & it’s a great chance to catch up with one another. Everyone is so friendly, supportive and champion the club’s ethos of strong sharing and respect. It felt so good to be around likeminded people. Nobody judges you, just encourage you!

After the tea break its back to business and the discussion moves towards editing. It’s a supportive club and one that I got a lot out of having little experience of photography. At the end of the evening, future topics are planned and everyone pitches in to pack away. I already plan on joining them again in the future, having had the honour of being asked to pick a topic. 

The Positive Image Camera Club is a friendly, motivational, all-inclusive, brilliant group! All the nerves of meeting new people and joining a new club melted away within the first minute of being there. If anyone is interested in thinking about getting involved in photography, then this group is for you! Check out their website hereA massive thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcomed!

The Positive Image Camera Club was just one of the successful groups during SOAR’s February 2019 ‘Let’s Build Health Grants’.