Ellis’s Story

After my second child turned 1 year old, I went straight back into fulltime education leaving very little time for myself. I often felt as though I was splitting myself in two to be there for my children, support my husband and study all at the same time. I found myself feeling down and sluggish and for a long time, I struggled to shake that feeling. When the opportunity did arise to go out and meet with friends and family without the kids in tow I found myself feeling anxious, often to the point I’d cancel the dinner date or the shopping trip and stay at home. It was a vicious cycle and I knew something needed to change. I’d recently heard about the couch to 5k challenge and decided to download the app. I’d never ran a day in my life and for the first few waddles runs, I was nervous. I pushed myself to stick to it, I found taking a pair of headphones to listen to music whilst running helped a lot. After a few weeks of following the app, it felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt healthier both mentally and physically and found, over time, each day got a little easier to contend with. It is rare now that I feel down, but when I do, I try to push myself to do a run, jog or a walk. Fresh air and exercise for me isn’t about losing weight or gaining muscle, it is about taking some time out for self-care.

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