30th March 2020

Programme to develop collaborative working across Health and Social Care in north Sheffield

What is Collaborate?

An engaging development programme to enhance collaboration amongst Health and Social Care frontline workers in north Sheffield. The outcomes for the sessions are • Developing joined-up working between front line staff and your organisations • Tackling complex challenges affecting the people you work with • Building skills and confidence in collaboration, problem-solving and communication • Coming up with fresh insights to improve delivery to clients.

During the programme, participants will work in groups on a challenge scenario about a carer of a person with dementia / a person with mental health issues / a person with a longterm health condition.

The 4 workshops will be a valuable opportunity to: • Disrupt conventional ways of working • Open up our doors and share the challenges we all face • Feel empowered to boost collaboration across Sheffield.

Feedback from the first Collaborate programme: “I enjoyed working with a variety of staff. Their experience and knowledge will be invaluable to help within my role.” “Good relationships develop change” “Take time to build a relationship and develop trust” “Joining the dots so everyone understands and is included” “I’ve found Collaborate invaluable in regards to the message it sends – that we will achieve a united, developing, evolving front, that will not only support one another as professionals but will serve to support the residents of North Sheffield.”

Who’s it for?

Frontline workers who have face to face contact with clients and work in Primary Care, IAPT, housing providers, PKW community providers, CAB, CMH teams, District nurses, CSW, etc. Participants put forward for Collaborate must be: • Able to influence practice and behaviours in your workplace • Prepared to open your minds and think differently about how we work together • Keen to invest time to contribute, share and learn • Committed to putting client needs first • Passionate about making a difference to the wider health and social care system. Participants may be supervisors/team leaders, but this is optional.

When is it happening?

The 4 workshops take place between 9am and 12.30pm approx. on:

How do I get involved?

Please discuss this with your organisation and contact Amy Kinsella Ford to register an interest.  Tel. 0114 213 4120 or email. by Wednesday 26th February 2020.