Burngreave Library Volunteering

Burngreave Library has been a volunteer-run library for 4 years. To mark this milestone we’re celebrating the wonderful work the volunteers have achieved! Find out more about Custos below:

Custos Sophiae (nom de plume meaning Guardian of Wisdom) has been volunteering at Burngreave Library since the summer of 2017. I first found out about the volunteering opportunity through my family who told me about the role. I’m very happy to be part of the team and feel productive when at the Library.

I enjoy signing people up to become a library member and help members find the right book for them. I get satisfaction from knowing I’ve positively contributed to members experience of the library. My go-to genre is fiction and my favourite book is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien.

Being a Burngreave Library Volunteer is a great way to keep in contact with people and build my social circle. Having got brain cancer, I feel like volunteering has given me a second family that I can talk to. Twice a year we all get together and have a team meal, which the last one just so happened to fall on my birthday. It was lovely to celebrate with the team.

My skills are utilised here and the customers always seem satisfied. It’s nice to see young people in the library with smiles on their faces once they’ve found the right book and learnt they can take them home.

Burngreave Library isn’t your traditional library but serves its customers well. There are pros and cons to a non-traditional library like Burngreave, but times have changed. On the surface people needs have changed and need different things, but ultimately, we get to the same ending which is built on support, knowledge and time.

To find out how you can volunteer at Burngreave Library, please contact Marcia Layne 0114 203 9002 (burngreave.library@soarcommunity.org.uk) for more information.