Burngreave Library celebrates its 4th birthday of being volunteer-run…with cake!

To celebrate the 4th birthday of Burngreave Library on the 4th of October, the team got together with some of the original team who had been with the library since the first week it became volunteer-run.

Since 2015, Burnrgeave Library has been volunteer-run and it was a great afternoon celebrating the hard work the volunteers do. The library isn’t your traditional library but serves its customers well. There are pros and cons to a non-traditional library, but times have changed. On the surface peoples needs have changed and need different things, but ultimately, we get to the same ending which is built on support, knowledge and time.

We caught up with Marcia (Volunteer Coordinator) who had this to say “I’m very proud of the volunteers and what we have achieved as a team over the past four years. We have a brilliant, diverse team who represent community we serve, five who have been with us since that very first day in 2015. The team are very passionate about keeping the library open and delivering fantastic customer service to the people of Burngreave.”

If you’re interested in joining the volunteering team, please contact Marcia Layne 0114 203 9002 (burngreave.library@soarcommunity.org.uk) for more information.