Ayishah’s Story – A Better Life

March 2019

Ayishah had been widowed, which had left her feeling isolated and with a lot of anxiety about her finances and how she would cope without an income. Ayishah’s GP referred her to SOAR’s Health Trainer services to help her with her confidence surrounding these issues.

Ayishah was soon referred to A Better Life, where a Citizens Advice worker (Khatab) was able to help her to claim for PIP and Pension Credit.  The claims were successful, and Ayishah is now £90 per week better off due to her newly instated pension credit, and feels much less anxious now that she has more financial security.

“Khatab was very thorough with the advice given, and I appreciate the support.”

Khatab informed Ayishah about a social group that was running as part of the project as he identified that this may also help her with her confidence and anxiety.  This was a free to attend group for women aged over 50, so Ayishah soon felt comfortable about attending something new.

Since she has started attending the group, Ayishah has a new supportive network of friends, and has enjoyed a range of activities that she never would have been able to do otherwise, such as cooking meals together with friends, exercise sessions, and even a day trip to Birmingham!

“Regular attendance at the group has really helped Ayishah with her confidence and social isolation” – Sofeena, Community Development Worker

“I enjoy coming to the group and getting out of the house, and appreciate the opportunity of going on the trips” – Ayishah

Ayishah plans to keep attending the social group, and is currently working with Khatab to contest a refusal for PIP and to look into subsidies to help with her heating bills.