Active Burngreave New Funding Opportunity

Active Burngreave will be open for applications from 1st February 2020. There is no closing date, and applicants are assessed every 2 months by a local community panel.

Active Burngreave aims to; Use Sport and physical activity to empower a community to create social change and have a positive impact on social issues. We intend to do this via a community led project which combines activity delivery with training, education and empowerment of community members. We are open to any community groups or individuals with an idea, which uses sport or activity to make a positive change in their community.

The project has 3 outcomes;

  1. Get people active
  2. Improve lifestyles
  3. Tackle mental health (both stigma and poor mental health)

Two different grants are available;

  1. Community Activation- £500 grants which can provide an organisation or group a small investment to kick-start physical activity as part of their service. This is a short, two page application form and ideal for smaller organisations / groups. Successful projects will be voted by the local community.
  2. Building Capacity (Small Grant)- £5,000 grants. Delivery of community projects 6 months OR 6-12 months. All projects must show how they contribute to achieving a project outcome(s). Applications to this funding stream will be assessed by a community panel, Projects must show how they will continue towards sustaining physical activity, involve volunteers and effectively measure against outcomes.

Support will be provided to any interested applicants! Please find more info & applications below: