Make a Pledge

Make your Home and Car Smokefree

Use the form below to make your pledge.

Going Smokefree at home and in your car is the only way to protect your family from secondhand smoke. Ask your friends and family to make a pledge too.

80% of smoke is invisible and impossible to control, even when smoking by an open window or door.

See further down the page for the benefits of going Smokefree, and 8 steps for to make your home and car Smokefree.

Benefits of going Smokefree

  • 4,000 chemicals no longer polluting your home
  • Healthy children, breathing in Smokefree air
  • Reduce health risks for your family, friends and pets
  • Reduce a child’s risk of developing asthma or if they are already asthmatic living in a Smokefree home will help to control their condition
  • If a child grows up in a Smokefree home they are less likely to become a smoker
  • It is easier to stop smoking when your home is Smokefree
  • Your home and car will be cleaner and smell better
  • You lower the risk of accidental fires in your house
  • You could save money by cutting down on cigarettes

8 steps to making your home and car Smokefree

  1. List all the positive reasons for making your home and car Smokefree and stick it on your fridge
  2. Tell your friends and family that you’re going Smokefree, and ask for their support
  3. Set a date to make your home and car Smoke free
  4. Put up a Smokefree sign or ask your kids to design one
  5. Keep cigarettes out of sight and remove ashtrays
  6. Give the house a good clean to remove the smell of tobacco
  7. Ask visitors to your home to smoke outside and let all passengers know that your car is Smokefree
  8. Allow for smoking breaks on a long car journey.