What happens next?

Thanks for signing up for healthy hampers over the summer – here are the next steps and useful information:


  1. We will use your postcode to direct you to your nearest collection point.
  2. You will receive a text each week telling you where and when to collect your hamper.
  3. There will be a 2-3 hour slot for collections.
  4. Hampers are in cardboard trays – if this will be difficult for you to carry, bring carrier bags to put the items in.
  5. The first hamper will be the heaviest as it has store cupboard ingredients in.
  6. Large families will receive two hampers.
  7. Can’t collect? Reply to the collection text to let us know and we will try to offer you an alternative collection point.
  8. In exceptional circumstances, we may offer to deliver your hamper, but we can only do this for a few families – please collect if you can.
  9. Please check the text message each week as collection points may vary.
  10. Enjoy your hamper! And if you want to mention the hampers or activities on social media, please tag Sheffield Healthy Holidays