Social Prescribing

SOARs Social Prescribing Service works across 22 GP Surgeries (part of North Locality) in North Sheffield.

There is poor health generally, including high prevalence of smoking, high obesity levels, low levels of physical activity, generally high levels of hospital admissions and a high prevalence of mental health disorders.

Key Aspects:

  • Social Model of Health
  • Range of interlinked services ‘no wrong door policy’
  • Co location of workers & services (across 3 sites)
  • Experienced local workers (78% North Sheffield residents)
  • Delivered in non clinical setting ‘community based’

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How the Service Works:

SOAR Health Trainers and Advocacy workers spend time with those referred, to understand, build confidence, plan, support and/ or refer them on to additional support. The skills of these staff are key to the success of this work.

Contact is made by GP Practices and referral using a ‘social prescribing’ pad, referrals are collected by a member of the SOAR Health Services Team, who makes an assessment of the needs of the person. If there are multiple needs then this will be made by the Advocacy worker. A period of support is then offered and health outcome/s monitored together with service satisfaction.


“I was reluctant to come and don’t like the pressure associated with attending new services; but have found no pressure here and has started to unravel long term issues associated with mental health”

Client Social Prescribing Service

“people like to stay local, so if SOAR is offering a local service, we are more likely to refer”.

Local GP