TARA Community Centre Events

TARA Community Centre have two brilliant events running!

Join them every Monday 7pm- 8.30pm for BINGO, with bonus ball and lottery bonus ball. Refreshments are available.

Every Tuesday 10am-11am there’s the Breakfast Club. £3 For a Full Monty Breakfast.


Inside the Foxhill Social Café

Are you looking to build your social circle and attend interesting activities and events? The Foxhill Social Café is a great starting point for those who want to meet others, build self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s a sunny Thursday morning at 9.50am and people are already starting to stroll into the Foxhill Medical Centre. People are greeted with familiar friendly faces, including Julie (SOAR Health Trainer) and Tina (SOAR Volunteer). The table and chairs are already set out, and the tea and coffee are brewing.

Sheffield Parenting – What’s on Summer 2019!

In Sheffield, parents and carers can access a range of groups that offer practical advice and support with parenting. Sheffield City Council deliver programmes that are evidence based, and tried and tested. This means that the content is written by professional psychologists who have years of research into what works to manage behaviours and difficulties that we can all face as parents.  These programmes are delivered across the world and have over 30 years of research behind them.