Move More Month 2020 Inspiration

SOAR have continued to support clients throughout the Covid19 lockdown, albeit whilst working from home! We caught up with Bev (Health Trainer) to find out how she’s been supporting clients & how one of them is championing Move More Month!

“I’ve been working with a client who was referred to Health Trainer 1-2-1 for exercise. This has been a totally different way of working with clients due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions! The client as a heart condition but really wanted to exercise, the client had spoken to the cardiologist who was really supportive of gentle exercise with a Health Trainer support. 

NHS Health Coaching

Supporting patient self-care and self-management is a key priority for the NHS and providing training and support for staff in the use of coaching skills is increasingly seen as one way in which this can be achieved. Health coaching helps people gain and use the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals.

Exciting New Employment Programmes

The Employment Team support people into learning, training & employment. Since the start of Covid19 lockdown, the teams focus has been to help support the Covid19 response. However, with 3 new programmes, including Building Blocks, Lead Key Worker & Targeted Key Worker, the team are excited to support getting people into employment more than ever before!

Funded Training for Construction Jobs

Would you like to retrain as a construction professional in Sheffield? Over the next 10 years, Sheffield is embarking on an ambitious home-building scheme that will see the construction of more 10,000 new homes across the city. In order to meet the anticipated demand for skills, hundreds of new jobs will be created in the local construction sector.

Healthwatch Sheffield Covid-19 Survey

Tell Healthwatch how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your health & experiences of care and support

Healthwatch Sheffield is here to help adults, children and young people influence and improve how local health, care and support services are designed and run. They’re completely independent and not part of the NHS or Sheffield City Council.

Setting up a Foodbank

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, people across Sheffield have been rolling up their sleeves & coming together (whilst maintaining social distancing) to support the community. The existing organisations, projects & groups that never stopped supporting their community continue to do amazing work! There have also been new developments in the response to the current situation, like Longley 4 Greens Community Centre Foodbank. We caught up with some of the team to find out what it’s like to be involved in the Foodbank.

Library Volunteers Become Dementia Friends

A Dementia Friend learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action. Anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend! Rosie (Community Development Worker) continues to provide Dementia Friend sessions via zoom & spent time with the Burngreave Library Team to see how the library can become more dementia-friendly.

How to Implement Outcome Measures

A Guide for Third Sector Organisations & their funders or commissioners 

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have investigated how Patient Reported Outcome Measures (or PROMs) are designed, implemented & embedded in third sector organisations like charities & community groups to help organisations understand how their work is making a difference to service users. (How to Implement Outcome Measures, 2020).

Penny’s Story

I was very active until the age of 25, this then decreased to zero with work and family commitments. As I had 3 young children I felt they kept me on my toes and active. I began becoming more active last year turning 50 and after my 3 grandchildren where born, because I wanted to become fit and healthy . I consider myself now to be quite active doing yoga, walking, cycling and gardening. I started getting involved in these activities as I didn’t feel comfortable going to the gym, and I wanted to do something that I would enjoy. I also didn’t want to seek being a perfect size 10/12 I just wanted to feel healthy and comfortable in my own body.  I also wanted to do a form of exercise that was not to intensive but would help reduce my stress and anxiety levels so I always start and finish the day with Yoga exercise. I cycle to work and get involved in the gardening on a weekend. I often take walks when I want to clear my mind and reflect on my day. I find it a lot easier now being active as I don’t have distractions and I’m doing this for me. Being active makes me feel alive and makes me feel good in myself and proud that I achieve something daily.

Rose’s Story

4 years ago, I got in touch with the Chair of the South Yorkshire Mixed Rounder League after moving to Sheffield from Nottingham & wanting to make more friends. As soon as I got out onto that pitch I felt like I’d found my game and my second family!

Growing up I’d always been a fan of sports having been a keen swimmer, gymnast & trampoliner. Although after a back injury my activity levels started to go down & I wasn’t having as much fun as before. I’d still tell people I was sporty, but in actual fact I think I liked the idea of being sporty more than actually being sporty.