Wheels and a will…A song of balance and fun!

‘What’s My Game’ – Claire’s blog!

Last week, Julie (Wellbeing Coach), Helen (Development Coach) and I attended a biking course with Cycling UK. It was the first time I had ever done anything like it, so I thought I would write about my experiences and hopefully inspire others to do the same. As you can see from the photos, I’m no spring chicken and neither am I your typical athlete.

The Great, Local, Outdoors

‘What’s My Game’ – Claire’s blog!

Lots of people have been telling us about all the ways they’ve spent time outside during the last year. Whether discovering new local trails, building dens, cycling, or listening to bird song, almost everyone seems to agree that being outside helped us get through. The experts tell us that being outside in the fresh air is also safer, and, right now, that’s what we all want.

Collaborate 3

Programme to develop collaborative working across Health and Social Care in north Sheffield

What is Collaborate?

An engaging development programme to enhance collaboration amongst Health and Social Care frontline workers in north Sheffield. The outcomes for the sessions are: • Developing joined-up working between front line staff and your organisations • Tackling complex challenges affecting the people you work with • Building skills and confidence in collaboration, problem-solving and communication • Coming up with fresh insights to improve delivery to clients.

LOCKDOWN BLOG ‘A’ VOLUNTEER. Part Two by Tony. B (SOAR Social Café Volunteer)

So on to the fun side and reason for this blog. As I said I started volunteering early not because my parents did because they didn’t, so where it came from if it’s not in my genes. I’m not going to list all my voluntary work over the last 50+ years but give you a few of the ones that stand out. 

My first session of voluntary work, if you can call it that, was for The Little Theatre on Shipton St, (where Zest is now). Back in the 1960s, it was just a narrow lane, (unfortunately, the only photos I have are slides) this was the forerunner to the Merlin Theatre in Netheredge run by Tintagel House. Shakespeare and Chekov and all that. I helped run a youth group mainly from the parents involved. I did have a couple of walk-on parts but mainly helped backstage or upstairs with the tea and coffee, it only held 100 people.

LOCKDOWN BLOG ‘A’ VOLUNTEER. Part One by Tony. B (SOAR Social Café Volunteer)

When I thought of writing this blog, I asked myself, what is a Blog? How do you write one? Yes, I know its normally online in one way or another, but then there’s also a Vlog which is a filmed version (no thanks, filmed interviews are enough). Well, this is my first ever Blog & it took a while to decide on a title. Who, where, when, all came to mind but this one I thought would encompass everything I might want to say. When you read other blogs and over the last few weeks I’ve read a few, you conclude that it depends on the subject as to how much you write and how many statistics you include. Then again, each time I come to do a bit more editing the thought mode kicks in and you change it or add a bit more. Anyway, I must start the actual blog and let you read the information I’ve come across. 

Welcome to SOAR

Here at SOAR, we are constantly evolving and changing in the pursuit of excellence. To help achieve this, our recruitment processes are about getting the right people, to fit the right posts.

Sam Benham – Centres Coordinator (Marketing)

Sam joins the organisation as part of the Centres Team. She is responsible for providing reception services and assisting with the day to day running of SOAR Works, giving the highest standard of customer services to SOAR clients, tenants and building users, as well as assisting with SOAR’s marketing.

Census 2021

What is the census?

On 21 March 2021, the 2021 United Kingdom census, called Census 2021, will occur throughout most of the United Kingdom. It will be administered by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in England and Wales, by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency in Northern Ireland, and by the National Records of Scotland in Scotland. Census 2021 will be the first British census to collect most data online, and the ONS has confirmed that the census will go ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because the information obtained will assist government and public understanding of the pandemic’s impact.

What’s Your Game?

‘What’s My Game’ during the pandemic, a story of juggling kids, being creative and not giving up – Claire’s blog!

My job as a facilitator of What’s My Game in Sheffield has changed radically since the pandemic. Gone are the days of walking the streets talking to people, where my most important skill was the voice and a smile. This has affected the way I connect with residents immensely. In the past, I built relationships by scouring the vicinity – visiting groups, parks and venues – now I have to find other ways to reach a variety of people. Everyone’s stressed, including me. Talking has become something that can potentially kill you.

Join us in making Sheffield Dementia Friendly

Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance is leading on work to establish Sheffield as dementia-friendly.  This means that someone with dementia feels part of our city and are respected and supported to live well with dementia.

  • Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develop dementia.
  • 67% of employers were seeking clear, more accessible information on dementia for their employees
  • 63% wanted more practical assistance from care and support to help their employees supported to stay in work

Readathon Live 2021!

My City Reads and Writes

Our half-term readathon, organised across the volunteer-run libraries in Sheffield, is based on the theme “My City Reads and Writes”. Featuring a reading of Nik Perrin’s poem “Mrs City” by children all across the city, followed by free creative workshops organised by CHOL Theatre and Arts Company, and culminating in a lived streamed performance, Readathon Live! offers a unique opportunity for children aged 7-15 to get involved in something creative, different, and fun.