About Us

Our Vision

North Sheffield is a place that people love to live, to work and to do business. It’s a well regarded, welcoming and friendly place renowned for its schools, housing and public buildings and its people’s ingenuity, creativity and flair.

Our Mission

‘To enable and support local people through partnership working, to improve the quality of life for North Sheffield residents’

Our Objectives

  1.  To increase access to economic opportunities for people living in North Sheffield
  2.  To deliver health, social and lifestyle support services to individuals and families in North Sheffield
  3.  To develop, manage and support social/community assets and centres in North Sheffield
  4.  To be a highly regarded organisation committed to continuous improvement, a good employer that cares for its employees, customers and the organisations resources

Customer Service Charter

‘We aim to provide the best possible customer experience by putting the interests of our customers first. It is only through excellent customer experiences that visitors will come back and tell their friends. By always putting the customers first we can be the best place to get help and support.’